sudo vim command not found!

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Recently, I wanted to disturb vim, so I downloaded the source code of vim, compiled and installed it in/usr/local/vim74
Then according to the online statement changed/etc/profile, plus
export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/vim74/bin/"
After restarting the computer, the terminal can use vim.
butsudo vimerror
According to the blog on the internet, sudo is a subprocess of fork, and shell internal commands cannotsudoHowever, vim is obviously not an internal order.
I don’t know what’s wrong, I also learned linux not long ago, I hope you can answer it, thank you!

However, the wrong number was used when asking questions. Sorry, there was nothing wrong when revising.
The error is as follows

I directly put vim into a soft link/usr/local/bin/This problem has been solved, but I do not know whether it is appropriate to do so.