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vim,sublime,notepaad++Whether this type of text editor is only useful when writing small programs. Are major projects still in use?IDEIt is more convenient to do it.

Think according to the link below (may need to climb over the wall)

Is coding Java in Notepad++ and compiling with command prompt good for learning Java?

====== update 1==============
I asked this question just to know the limitations of various things, not to know which one to use (maybe I asked a littleLet a person misunderstandAgain, say sorry):

  • I think the reason for using what editor and what language to develop is the same, usingCOf course, it is possible to develop a website, but is it a bit too close to the point?
  • I think it is false to say that everything you use is personal preference. In fact, I am nowsublime,vimThey are all in use. I think there are advantages to all of them. If you think you can travel all over the world with one editor, I think it is false. May be limited by level
  • What tools you use is your choice, and the ultimate goal is to develop good programs. Then I wrote it myself in a happy mood.

So I’m not asking what to use, I just want you to have a recommendation. I am now like a lost lamb, looking for a useful tool that I can spend time studying and do not regret.

  • Due to the limitation of personal level and experience, I hope you will correct me.

Vim and sublime can be transformed into IDE, and they are customized according to personal preferences. One thousand developers can have one thousand vim. From using a standardized IDE, to using an editor such as vim with plug-ins, to writing plug-ins by hand, and to using any development tool, it doesn’t matter. This is a process in which programmers’ professional skills gradually become skilled. Using a standardized IDE is like driving a mass-produced car with a recognizable brand, while using vim is like driving a car modified by yourself. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you only want to focus on being a driver, choose the former. If you are not only satisfied with driving, but also want to know the structure of the car and even assemble a car yourself, choose the latter, and you will have more fun.
In addition, I think the purpose of researching and developing tools is not to develop the tools themselves, but to get rid of the shackles of development tools and reach the state of not caring about development tools.