The background of the first column of all rows in vim turns dark blue. How can it return to normal?

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Color scheme set to colorscheme desert

It seems that after the command 4, 11S//#/G was executed, it turned into the following picture.


This problem exists in both normal and editing modes.

How can we return to normal?


According to weakish’s reply, the highlight is caused by the replacement command highlighting the selected content, so it is ok to use set nohls.
But let @/ = “”has the same effect, can you explain the meaning of this sentence?

This is normal behavior. Because you did:4,11s/^/#/gThis operation matches the beginning of the line, so all line capitals will be highlighted.

Enter the following command to cancel highlighting.

:let @/ = ""

If you never want to see the highlighted search results, then in.vimrcAnd.gvimrcDelete the following line

set hls