The best scheme for VIM automatic storage?

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I like the one that automatically saves every few seconds, just like webstorm and Pycharm.
VIM for me:help 'autosave'The following help was found:

'autosave' 'as' number  (default 0)
 ¦Automatically write the current buffer to file N seconds after the last change has been made and when 'modified' is still set.
 ¦Default: 0 = do not autosave the buffer.
 Alternative: have 'autosave' use 'updatetime' and 'updatecount' but make
 them save the file itself besides the swapfile.

Then I was there.vimrcAdd:set autosave as 5, meaning should be modified after 5 seconds will automatically save it, but it suggests:Unknown option: autosaveWhat happened?

let autosave=5ThatasYesautosaveThe abbreviation of is not a word 2333 3333 3333 3333