The problem of ctags+VIM

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After being generated by ctags -R, set tags=…./tags will be executed manually once every time you enter VIM editing.
I thought of a way to use ctags -f to put the tags file in the designated place, and then set tags= …. in vimrc. Finally, I found that I could find the tags file, but when jumping, I used tags file as the root directory instead of the project root directory. What method can I not set tags every time?

You should indicate the path of the generated file when ctags command is executed.

This is how I set it up.tagsFor options:

set tags+=./../tags,./../../tags,./../../../tags

In this way, the tags file of this project can always be found if it is not too deep in the project.

PS: taglist and tagbar plug-ins are very useful oh =w=