Vim automatically executes the replacement command each time

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Every time vim is used to edit a file, a command similar to: 1s/./g/will be automatically executed, and the first line of the file will be automatically replaced.
Press’s still the same after one pass.
This problem will not occur with vi.

syntax on
 filetype indent plugin on
 set encoding=utf-8
 set fileencodings=utf-8,cp936,latin1
 set fileformat=unix
 set fileformats=unix,dos
 set number
 set modeline
 set tabstop=8
 set expandtab
 set softtabstop=4
 set shiftwidth=4
 set backup
 set backupdir=~/backup

After searching for “vim 0000/0000/0000”, it was found to be a bug of vim. it will be fine after upgrading. …
Not only cygwin, but also arcLinux has the same bug. id=199362