Vim color configuration is invalid and all white

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This is my color file. I added lucius.vim to it.

This is elflord, the color of vim, which shows normal.

After 66 lines are changed to lucius for saving, the reopened text is all white.

How to solve it?

The custom color file should not be put into the system share directory (/usr/share/vim/vim74/colors/), if you have to put it into this directory, I estimate that you need to log off again before vim can read the newly added color configuration file.


Look at your vimrc, you are already using Vundle management plug-in, so just use Vundle to help you download the color profile.

Plugin 'jonathanfilip/vim-lucius'

Then execute:


In this way, after restarting vim, the new configuration file will take effect without logging off again.