Vim colorscheme setting has no effect?

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I set up vim colorscheme in vimrc:

syntax on
 syntax enable
 set background=dark
 set t_Co=256
 colorscheme solarized

But the effect and above is not the same, solarized is also installed. What’s going on and do you need any other configuration?

What is your operating system? Is vim, gVim or macvim running? Which version of vim is it?

Try this:
Deleteset t_Co=256
Addlet g:solarized_termcolors=16

If not, please try to modify it.g:solarized_termcolorsAndg:solarized_termtransTwo parameters.
Reference documents: Details)

Operation effect under terminal:终端下的运行效果

Operating effect under macvim:macvim下的运行效果