Vim pathogen installation plug-in is invalid under. vim/bundle. manual copy to. vim/autoload is only valid. how to debug and troubleshoot?

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Some plug-ins that have been installed before are all right under the bundle, and there is no problem in their operation.
Today, a webapi-vim plug-in is installed. According to README, bundle is supported. It is seen that GitHub issue has also been successfully installed. But clone made a mistake when he got under the bundle.

Error detected while processing /Users/mc-zone/.vimrc:
 line   47:
 E117: Unknown function: webapi#json#decode
 E15: Invalid expression: webapi#json#decode(join(readfile(expand('~/.snippets.json')), "\n"))

Because I have a statement in. vimrc that uses its function. Json is used to configure the extension abbreviation snippets.json for emmet-vim. (The two plug-ins are the same author and emmet is under bundle).

However, I can use the files under webapi plug-in such as autoload after copying them to the corresponding. vim/autoload.

There have also been cases in which the plug-in installation does not support pathogen.bufexplorer.vim,grep.vimThese two are all installed under. vim/plugin/.

Is there a good debugging method to know what the problem is? Or is it to check the pathogen run/load status?

My installation steps:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
 git submodule add some-plugin some-dir-name
 :call pathogen#helptags()