Vim plug-in under Eclipse

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For example, I have been using it all the time.vimStylish editor /IDE, first useeclipseWhat is better for youeclipseThevimIs the plug-in recommended?

1. vrapper Plug-in ~, a compatibility layer, simulates a limited command set and supports configuration files. The site is abroad. It is suggested to look at the introduction page of the supported commands on the official website. eclipse itself has a large number of shortcut keys, and it depends on how many conflicts you have endured.
2. eclim supports two modes: embedding vim into eclipse to become an internal text editor; Or eclipse can be turned into a background service (to implement completions) while vim becomes the main workspace. The geek style.
Both of the above will face the problem of choosing two shortcut keys.
It is still very convenient to simulate vim operation with vrapper. It is recommended.
Using eclim will mean giving up eclipse shortcut keys, which will make you feel that the number of keystrokes will greatly increase …