Vim problem under Ubuntu

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Under Ubuntu, configure some Vim options, and then vim xx_file to displaysorry xxxx
And then Google,

run vi-version
 if your result is 'small version without GUI'
 you should install Vim by  `apt-get install vim`

Then do it, after a long time is still in the installation …


  • Is Vim under Linux generally a condensed version of Vim? (I understand it as command_version_vim)
  • I passedapt-get install vimIs the installation GUI version? Does the original Vim need to be deleted after success?

  • Finally, why did it take me so long to download it? = > how to solve it

    (I specially uninstalled python_pip, and the speed of reinstalling pip is still acceptable)
    In fact, this kind of situation often occurs, which is reflected in the slow installation of all kinds of software I need, seriously affecting my mood.
    Through the software center =>select the best server, I still do not have a good software source.

The question about the source

At home, you can choose Aliyun or 163, which is not bad.

Some foreign bags are really slow.

About installing vim

To install gvim, you cansudo apt-get install vim-gtk
Then you can edit it.vimrcTo configure vim (used on the command line),.gvimrcTo configure gvm, gvm will automatically use the. vimrc configuration file if there isno. gvmrc file.
These two files may need to be created by yourself.