Vim removes highlight of’ _’ character

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  1. Recently, when using vim to edit text, I encountered a red highlight of’ _’ background in the word. How can I cancel this?

  2. Vimrc theme: elfford.

  3. When editing *.md files, I always have the highlight shown in the figure below. how do I remove it?


I used itvim-markdown, seems to have no this problem

This is mostly a matter of grammar recognition, so the underline here should be recognized according to the text.

You can do this by first moving the cursor to the underlined position in vim and executing on it.:echo synIDattr(synID(line("."),col("."),0),"name"

This will output the syntax identification mark of the current position. . Remember the output, you this may be wrong or something? I guess

My output ismkdNonListItemBlockOn the command line (bash, etc.)grep -r 'mkdNonListItemBlock' ., the file in which this syntax is identified will be output. Mine is the correspondence~/.vim/plugged/vim-markdown/syntax/markdown.vim

Of course, you can also solve this problem with escape. markdown also has escape. . But you don’t need to escape this situation. . When many people cooperate, whether it is escape_Or ..**Use between__It causes unnecessary diff. It is suggested that you solve the problem through vim-markdown