Vim whole paragraph deleted or replaced

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There is a passage like this

As of initscripts-2012.07.5, the default format of /etc/rc.conf and
 /etc/crypttab have changed. See their respective man pages for
 more details.
 The purpose of this change is to unify the configuration of systemd
 and initscripts. This will allow us to share code and documentation,
 and should make maintenance of initscripts simpler in the long-run.
 The old format is still supported, so old config files should still
 work unchanged.

I hope so--BEGIN-- --END--All the lines between them are deleted. Is there any direct method for vim?

Another additional problem is that it already exists
--BEGIN--Mark, how can you add a paragraph of content.

The above are all text files that we hope can be scripted.

Just an example, the number of rows between-begin-,-end-is uncertain
It’s a bit hard to mark this manually. The actual document is not small and has a similar structure.

If you want to delete blank lines before and after at the same time