What is the healthiest color matching for vim from the doctor’s point of view?

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From the doctor’s point of view, what is the healthiest color matching?
What principles should vim color matching follow?
From a medical point of view, is white writing on a black background good?

I remember HB has an answer to this question. I have seen it before and I copied it to you. I also saw that everyone used black before and felt cool, but my eyes felt uncomfortable after a long time. I also looked for the relevant answer. I am quite satisfied with this. You can look at it. The following is the copied content.
The black theme looks cool and the contrast between the foreground and the background is high and clear. Moreover, the amount of black light emission under liquid crystal is less.
Then why do you still say black hurts eyes?
We analyze it from two aspects: color physiology and color psychology.

  1. As far as the muscle tension of human eyes is concerned, the damage of high contrast is greater than the damage of light quantity.
    On the sunny grassland, although the amount of light is very large, the human eye is very comfortable.

However, in the black room, the brightness of the mobile phone screen is set to the lowest, and the light quantity is far lower than that of the former, but still dazzling.
This is caused by the influence of contrast.
The high contrast of the picture seen by human eyes will cause more damage.
Programmers, in particular, have to watch the 8-hour screen, so a soft, low-contrast interface can make eye muscles more relaxed.

  1. Harm of dark adaptation.
    Here is Baidu Encyclopedia’s explanation for dark adaptation:http://baike.baidu.com/view/344920.htm

People will feel dizzy when they look at the natural light environment with more black interfaces.
When you stare at a black theme for one hour, you will feel dizzy when you switch to your browser or turn your head to look at your colleagues.
On the contrary, from a bright environment to a black environment, the eyeball also needs to secrete rhodopsin to adapt.
The human eye and brain have to be constantly adjusted.

  1. Rhodopsin, Vitamin A and Night Blindness
    Dark adaptation will cause human eyes to secrete more rhodopsin, but the synthesis of rhodopsin requires vitamin A, that is, the consumption of vitamin A will be increased by looking at dark interfaces for a long time.

Night blindness is caused by insufficient vitamin A and insufficient synthetic rhodopsin.
Even if there is no night blindness, it should be prevented.

  1. The human eye’s favorite lights are yellow and green.
    Yellow and green wavelengths are the most relaxing wavelengths for human eyes.

The soft green background is warm yellow, and the code color of the foreground is colorful, but the G in RGB of each color, that is, the green value, is increased.

  1. From the perspective of color psychology, warm colors are more comfortable than dark colors.
    The human eye sees the scenery, the brain can produce the association, and then affects the mood.

Seeing green is associated with grassland and forest, and it is better to feel unconsciously.
However, if you look at dark or irritating colors for a long time, your mood will be depressed.
Watching the screen for 8 hours a day is not a trivial matter. It is very important to be happy.

  1. Green and soft design is not only a design theory, but also the result of scientific verification.
    We have done brain wave fatigue tests for different developers.

Programmers participating in the experiment used green, soft and black theme programming tools to code for half an hour after full rest, and monitored the data changes of brain waves.
Through the analysis of 170,000 pieces of data generated by the experimenter’s brain waves, the fatigue, stress and concentration values printed out by hospital instruments show that the fatigue of the experimenter rises after the experiment. However, the fatigue value of programmers working with green flexibility rises relatively slowly, with the lowest stress and the most concentration.
After using black theme coding, the rise of fatigue value reaches 700% of that of using green soft!