What should Vim configuration be for “Server Edit”?

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Describe the problem

I thought of it myself.

  1. Only rely on vim’s own configuration

  2. The functions of vim settings (such as those set settings) are combined to the greatest extent possible.

Part of vim Configuration

  1. https://coding.net/u/hezhimin …

Context environment

Only on Linux servers (shell comes with bash)
 Vim >= 7.3
 Server-side vim usage: only edit configuration files, not develop code usage
 Compatible with various mainstream Linux (mainly RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu)

PS: noteContext environmentThe request of the server can’t literally install things

Github Dotfiles
Personal VIM configuration

First, choose a plug-in manager you like. After the configuration is completed, git will automatically help you clone the plug-in. Basically, you only need to hold a. vimrc file to use the same vim configuration on any device. And you don’t need to do too much.

The landlord can have a good look at the dotfiles configuration of those great gods in github. At the same time, I also sent my personal configuration.

Every open dotfiles has two parts: basic matching and plug-in configuration. This does not conflict with whether the plug-in must be installed.
In addition, VIM is cross-platform and one configuration can be used on any platform.
In addition, if only some simple configurations are modified, there is not much difference between modifying and not modifying. Because your order is basically useless.
Even if VIM configuration is customized, VIM search, mobile editing and other commands will not be customized.