When go connects to mongo replica set, how can read be evenly distributed to each secondary?

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Replicaset has two secondary.Eventual modeBut in uselabix/mgo.v2When connecting to mongo, I found that all read was concentrated on one secondary, and only a small amount would access the other secondary.

// Read preference modes are specific to mgo:
 Eventual  Mode = 0 // Same as Nearest, but may change servers between reads.
 Monotonic Mode = 1 // Same as SecondaryPreferred before first write. Same as Primary after first write.
 Strong    Mode = 2 // Same as Primary.

1. Check the setting of connect URL;

2. If the read Load Balance is different from the expectation of the parameters you set, you can consider setting Tag to further configure what member to read from.

For reference.

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