When gVim opens and saves a file, cmd pops up to solve it.

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This gVim is extremely configured and has been engaged in development work for many years. It has compiled itself into an exe file through bat, mainly to solve the problem of opening a new file in the new label of the current window.

The goal has been achieved, but there are sequelae: every time a file is opened and saved, a black cmd command line window will pop up. Ask the superior to solve!

Note: In this bat, the root path of the file is set to disk C, so the compressed package must be decompressed to C:\ before the new label can be opened in the current window of gVim when the new file is opened.

Download address:

Bat file content compiled into exe:

@echo off
 start /B C:\Vim\vim74\gvim.exe -p --remote-tab-silent "%~f1"

It should be encapsulated as exe calling cmd. cmd is not finished in the middle.
The simple operation of bat is barrier-free

In other words, downloading a win version of gvim from vim.org can directly create shortcuts to bat and gvim
Why do you have to package the exe and manually change the parameters?