When using namespace, the controller of form_tag reported an error

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I am hereroutes.rbThe only namespace was created:

namespace :help do
 root "qandas#index"
 resources :qandas

At the same time, the corresponding Controller and view have also been established.

Then the page, report an error:

ActionController::UrlGenerationError in Help::Qandas#index
No route matches {:action=>”index”, :controller=>”help/search”, :id=>nil}

The error code is:

= form_tag({:controller => 'search', :action => 'index', :id => @project}, :method => :get ) do

This means that when I use namespace, it will affect the previous pass{:controller => 'search', :action => 'index', :id => @project}To define the url.

Is there any way to avoid this?

I also met this problem. . . In distress, have you solved it now