When using Vim to edit scripts like Python, how do you embed a small shell below to facilitate observation of the output?

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[Problem Description]
Hope not to jump out of Vim
The hope is: under normal-mode, press a key, and then there is a small shell window below, which is convenient to observe the output (just like IDE does)
Sometimes just to test some ideas, frequent switching between Vim and Shell is not the way.

[Environment & Reproduction]
Ubuntu14-Vim7.4 (incompatible with Vi)

Don’t build wheels repeatedly. Not only did you not do it well, but because you are not familiar with the syntax of vim script, you are also a poor wheel in the end.

Please Google to search for ‘vimquickrun’

Can be used:

  • Terminal of neovim

  • tmux + vim

  • vim + Conque-Shell