Why does the editor have the function of “bracket completion”?

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Normal input right parenthesis, requiredShift+right parenthesis, two keystrokes, but the hand will not leave the main keyboard area;
Use brackets to complete, after completing the content input, pressThe direction key, although only hit the key once, leaves the main keyboard area with a large displacement.
So, I don’t think this function seems very practical, so what is its main value?

When asking this question, we haven’t found an excellent implementation of the matching of the brackets under vim, which is extremely difficult to use. Now I have found a piece of code, the effect is the same as in ST2. If you are interested, please move:Automatic Completion of Brackets in vim

Well, first of all, I think there are two benefits
1) It will automatically have right brackets to prevent you from forgetting to write
2) After you enter the left bracket, the cursor will be in the middle of the two brackets. At this time, you can write a certain amount of code and then you can directly enter the right bracket to get out of the bracket. This feeling is obviously much better than the logical feeling of entering parentheses first and then writing code.