Windows vi chinese garbled code

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The cmd of win10 can be transparent, so if you want to use vi mode and gvim’s Chinese garbled code, you can fix it. Even if the garbled code is displayed in vi mode, the input is garbled code.
Cmd’s encoding is 936 by default. I tried to change it to 65001, which is also a garbled code. I want to set it all to utf-8.

I haven’t used windows very much.cmd, don’t know how to set up.

Has the subject triedcygwin?

WikiIntroduction on:

Cygwin is a collection of many free software, originally developed by Cygnus Solutions.
It is used for running UNIX-like systems on various versions of Microsoft Windows.
The main purpose of Cygwin is to compile again.
Migrate software on POSIX systems (such as Linux, BSD, and other Unix systems) to Windows