After docker deploys nginx reverse proxy wordpress, it adds a layer of /wp access path and cannot access it.

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Now nginx runs on one container and wordpress runs on one container (wordpress is the latest official image dragged on dockerhub and is a php program running on apache server). The two containers are independent of each other. Want tohttp:// address is accessed to wordpresshttp:// 8000 visits).

Nginx partial code

server {
 # Listening Port Number
 listen  80;
 # Service Name
 location /wp/ {
 root   html;
 index   index.html  index.htm  index.php ;
 # Reverse proxy path
 # Timeout for reverse proxy
 proxy_connect_timeout 10;

WordPress runs as a docker container on the 8000 port of the machine

The wordpress service in docker-compose wrote this (mysql is another container, don’t pay attention to this).

 image: wordpress
 container_name: wordpress
 restart: always
 - 8000:80
 - mysql
 WORDPRESS_DB_HOST: mysql:3306

However, the wordpress page cannot be accessed in this way. The in the figure below is a springboard machine. If you don’t understand it, you can roughly understand it as the machine.


After accessing, the address bar will automatically locate to /wp-admin/install.php, but the page cannot be displayed, as shown in the following figure.


Normally this page is correct (please ignore this port number because this is a separate service).


When requesting, the address of the reverse proxy is, then WordPress is redirected to /wp-admin/install.php, and then nginx cannot find the corresponding location:/WP-admin
I haven’t used wordpress and I don’t know the url configuration. I can try to change the nginx location configuration to /wp-admin/