Ali cloud host uses docker to create nginx container. Once started, the remote connection Xshell will be disconnected.

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Today, I downloaded the 1.12.6 version of docker through yum using Aliyun host, and then I downloaded a nginx image using docker.

There is no problem at this time, but when using docker run to create a nginx container, the Xshell remote connection will be disconnected. How can I connect to it? However, in the background of Aliyun control, I can connect to the cloud host.

When the cloud host is restarted, practice Xshell again and you can connect it. (because the docker service is closed)

I suspect that because the port of Xshell remote connection is 22, which leads to disconnection, I have found all kinds of solutions on the Internet and have no answer. Please ask for help.

# Error in Last Execution of Startup Report


Docker run -p6800: 80myanginx plus-p parameter, port forwarding