Ariyun’s ubuntu server configured the files when deploying mongodb, but still could not connect remotely.

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The server that rented Aliyun wants to deploy a blog, but my own computer (the computer I use is not a server) can be connected remotely to Mongodb if it cannot be connected locally to the server.

Cloud server system: Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit

Conf code

 logappend = true

Remote connection error message

connecting to: mongodb://
 2018-12-28T10:43:34.335+0800 E QUERY    [js] Error: couldn't connect to server,   connection attempt failed: NetworkTimeout: Error connecting to :: caused by :: Socket operation timed out :
 exception: connect failed

I have seen many methods of remote connection on the Internet and have tried them, but only local connections can be made. The configuration file service has also been restarted.


Try it. then I remember ariyun, the default is that most ports are not open, so the security team should set it up by itself.