Ask: Redis Desktop Manager successfully linked, but Scrapy-redis was rejected with error code: 111

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I ran a redis container with the following command:

docker run  --name redis_env --hostname redis \
 -p 6379:6379 \
 -v $PWD/DBVOL/redis/data:/data:rw \
 --privileged=true \
 -d redis redis-server

I successfully used Redis Desktop Manager to link this Redis server on this machine, but when I used scrapy-redis to build a distributed crawler according to the document, I got an error message rejecting the connection:


My is configured as:

# Redis Server settings
 REDIS_URL = 'redis://'
 # Enable Redis to Schedule Storage Request Queue
 SCHEDULER = 'scrapy_redis.scheduler.Scheduler'
 # Make sure all crawlers are rewired by redis
 DUPEFILTER_CLASS = 'scrapy_redis.dupefilter.RFPDupeFilter'
 # Do not clear the Redis queue, so crawling can be paused/resumed
 # Configure item pipelines
 # See
 #'GeoCrawler.pipelines.GeocrawlerPipeline': 300,
 'scrapy_redis.pipelines.RedisPipeline': 300

I also tried to link redis server directly using python console, and there was no problem:

>>> import redis
 >>> redis.connection("redis://localhost:6379/0")

May I ask what exactly is the reason? How to solve it? Please give your advice, thank you! ! !

Found the problem, is the ip problem of the container, the ip of the container is wrong, run:

docker inspect -f {{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' container_name_or_id

Just fill in the link string with the ip of the container. But I still don’t understand, why? My rdm can be successfully linked by filling 6379?