Can mongodb be accessed through external network under windows environment

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Previously, it was bound to localhost, which was used by a single machine.
Now I hope that others can access me through the external network. Can I access mongodb through the external network under the windows environment?
If so, how should I configure it?

I checked some articles, mostly from ariyun, and couldn’t find a suitable tutorial post.
As well as the setting safety of mongodb. So, first of all, I’d like to ask the big brothers.

It’s just an access between personal computers, there are no servers or anything like that.

Yes, of course it is. What server environment do you use? Depending on your settings, there are mainly two steps.
The first is to ensure that the Internet is connected to your ip and what you see is your own localhost content.
This step mainly depends on settings such as your server environment and router port mapping.
The second part is whether you can access the database after you can access the server environment in your computer from the external network. This is the setting of the database. Maybe there are server settings too. Is there any problem of limiting the access source?

Why have you been trampled? Great god stepped on at the same time to give a reliable answer.
Don’t know the network architecture, router settings, firewall and server, please give a clear and feasible solution?
In this way, what I said above, first ensure the routing settings, public network ip maps the LAN ip, open the port of the firewall, ensure that the external network can see the page, there is no problem. The second step is the setting of MongoDB, the server environment. bind ip remote access needs to be modified into external IP or internal external IP, all of which are the contents that Baidu can come out of.

When stepping on it, give me a comment so that I can know how to improve it.