Can MongoDb be used to store and manage piles of video files?

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My 10W+ video file, more than 100MB, has basically the same naming format and is put on a hard disk (several T+s).
I want to create a download service and throw it at home. I originally wanted to use Php+Mysql to traverse the write path one by one into the database.
But I tried several times for too long and hung up the machine.
After looking for half a day, I suddenly remembered Mongodb. I only heard about it and never used it.
So I want to ask, can you hang the hard disk of these videos (and some music files) on the server and let MongoDb directly read the query data output on this hard disk?

MySQL is used to store the file’s name and name, plus an index.
Php+MySQL can do it.
Access is the download of browser access path.