Can MongoDB insert or update two or more collection at the same time?

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This is collection a:
 Martial arts: ["One Yang Finger", "Nine Yin True Scripture", "Sword Spectrum to ward off evil"]
 collection b:
 Main Skills: "One Yang Finger",
 Lethality: "90"
 In this way, I received data from the front desk {skill: "dragon claw hand",
 Lethality: "80"}
 This data is to be inserted into collectionb
 You should also update your skills: even the dragon claw hand to the "martial arts" of collection a
 Similarly, b is a sub-table of a.
 What can make them relate to each other and insert one at a time instead of inserting one table at a time?
 Because some fields may be associated with multiple collection.  Update by the same token

Sorry, I was wrong. mongo has no such thing as multi-table transactions. You’d better make it into the form of sub-objects in the table.

Python has a bulk_write, and most other languages also have it.
Reqs=[pymongo.DeleteMany (parameters are actually the same as delete functions), pymongo.UpdateOne (parameters are actually the same as update_one), pymongo.Insert (same as above)]