Can Windows use Ubuntu with Docker? Can Ubuntu use the local graphics card?

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The problem is as follows: I want to use ubuntu to run caffe (a deep learning framework), but the ubuntu can’t be installed on this machine when it is killed, and the ubuntu installed on the virtual machine can’t use the graphics card of this machine, so I want to ask docker if it can virtualize ubuntu that can use the hardware of this machine.

Description of why ubuntu cannot be installed:
System information: Alienware M14x R3, dual graphics card, 128G SSD added after itself (the installation problem existed before SSD was added, so the problem should have nothing to do with hard disk), Win7 dual system is installed, one on SSD and one on mechanical hard disk

Problem description:
1. Burn the image of Ubuntu 14.04.3 on the U disk, and it crashed during the installation process, either in the first step or when choosing Wifi (the problem of disabling wireless connection in BIOS still exists). The only successful installation was to choose to try Ubuntu and then install it successfully in the Ubuntu interface, but the prompt page for the final restart still crashed. After restarting, the page where the password is entered also crashed. ……
2. The problems encountered in using EasyBCD method are the same as those described in 1 ……

The question is here. f=77&t=475085&sid=409340b7fc0c893881c19e6ea3877d41

The win version of docker is a virtual machine itself