Dbpath problem of mongodb

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After reading a tutorial, mongod is used to start the system, and dbpath is used to set the storage path of database files.

But mongodb that I downloaded is configured like this

In this way, every time I just need to start mongodb’s service, and then enter it after cmd directly enters mongo, I don’t need to start mongod every time. Moreover, in the data/db directory, I can’t find the database file, collection and model name I created, and there isno. ns file.


The first contact with MongoDB, hope bosses comment

  1. What is this tutorial? It is simply misleading. The best way to learn mongodb is to read official documents.

  2. Mongod is the server process of mongodb database, mongo is the client, through which you can connect to mongod server and operate.

  3. On windows, mongod should be configured as a system service, and then be booted up.

  4. The file name of the data storage in mongod’s dbpatch directory does not directly correspond to the library name or table name you set up. you can only see a pile of collection files and a pile of index files. it is transparent to you that a specific library or table is stored in that file.