Docker base mirror making

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What I am talking about is not the basic image pull down from the warehouse. For example, if my operating system is an Asianux linux system and there is no such system in the warehouse, I will make a base image of myself, how do I do it, or what document links are there

The common images we use to build images all exist, but how does the lowest image come from? Which mirror image is it based on? For example, busybox, such a small image, what is its basic image? This is busybox’s Dockerfile:

FROM scratch
 ADD busybox.tar.xz /
 CMD ["sh"]

The main character appeared. “scratch“,this is a very special existence, because its existence is similar to null, the existence of a tag does not exist, you can regard it as an empty mirror, and then package the prepared system into a specified format and add it in, CMD will modify it according to its own situation. You’d better look at the official documents given upstairs too. I’d like to see you learn from the articles written in mirror images.