Docker Deletes Volumes Defined in images

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A series of volume directories have been defined in docker’s image.
Because several directory locations are not reasonable, volume needs to be deleted and recreated.
But I don’t know how to delete the volume and submit it to the mirror.

How volume was created: dockerrun-v/xxx [image]/bin/bash

Due to lack of experience, the Dockerfile and the corresponding tag have not been reserved and can only be modified in the current mirror …

First of all, is the mirror yours?
If so, modify Dockerfile, delete the unwanted data volume and rebuild the mirror.
If not, the person who created the mirror must have his intention to set up the data volume here. Why do you want to delete the data volume he set up? If you don’t want to use it, just create a new one and use it yourself.

If the data volume is created through docker run -v, delete the container and recreate it without this data volume.