Docker encountered an error in mounting the redis configuration file. What is the solution?

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I used docker to run redis on Ubuntu in the virtual machine. Referring to other people’s thinking, I created a redis directory, including a data directory and a redis.conf configuration file, as shown in the figure:

And I also commented out the two lines bind and daemonize no in the redis.conf file.


But when I wanted to run redis and mount the configuration file, I encountered an error:

Run command: dockerrun-namemyRedis01-v/Redis/Redis.conf:/etc/Redis/Redis.conf-v/Redis/data:/dataRedis-server/etc/Redis/Redis.conf-appendonly yes

Error reported: fatalerror, can’t’t openconfigfile’/etc/Redis/Redis.conf’
Baidu also did not find a suitable solution, so here is the question.
The reason why I dIDn’t add -d here is that after adding -d, only the container id was returned, but there was no running container when using docker ps query.

The other is that I did the same step and could mount it successfully on my Aliyun server. Both are Ubuntu16.04, but the same operation has different results. This is also the place where I am very curious.

Have a look at the permissions of your profile, are they unreadable?