Docker failed to manage redis in the container through the host’s visualization tool.

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For example, the problem may be ip. The visualization tool cannot connect to redis in the container. After checking the data on the Internet, it said that the host can access the container through –net=host, but it was not implemented. Also, I modified the bind container IP in the container’s redis.conf to open a 6379 port to the outside world, but it is still not possible. Is there any other way, or am I doing something wrong, which I do not quite understand

It is suggested that the problem be clarified.

In particular, the configuration file of redis.conf is recommended to be posted directly.

Judging from the current description, if –net=host is set in docker, it can also be passed through--port=**port**To set up the port mapping, one of the two is possible, if both methods cannot be accessed, it should be the problem of redis.conf.

According to the default configuration, redis.conf needs to be set upbind= access, but the specific need to see the configuration file.

Therefore, it is suggested to paste the configuration file and have a look.