Docker multi-programming language environment problems for advice?

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A function that used to be considered very simple is now baffled by my own experiments. A website supports online analysis in N languages:

As shown in the above figure, the source code on the left may be PHP, JAVA, C++, Python, etc. However, these online tutorial platforms can analyze the results online. Some people recommend Docker as a solution to this problem, but they have never contacted Docker, so let me ask you a question to see what skills I need to master. In addition, it would be better if the implementation process of this function can be simplified under popular science … O (∫ _ ∩) O Thank you!

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In fact, it is also possible to make a stack of containers by using docker, and then call the docker api to exec for execution.

People tell you that docker can, in fact, it is docker that can simply build the environment in which these languages are interpreted or compiled.

My personal thoughts:
1. Assemble the language environment set.
2.docker api call assembly, specifically to put the code cp into the container exec once command to get the results
3. Encapsulate your api and wake up when you call it.