Docker-proxy port mapping failed, unable to telnet

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Hello, prawns!

I started a container in Ariyun server (docker version 18.06.1-ce, build e68fc7a), and the command is as follows:

Docker run-detach-it-publish 3030: 3000/TCP-v host folder: container folder --name container name-restart always centos: latest/bin/bash

The container started successfully and docker ps -a has no problem viewing the port mapping:


But look at the 3030 port protocol in netstat -ntpl as TCP6, as shown in the figure:

At present, other servers cannot access the 3030 port of the host computer through the public network. What should I do?

There are public network permissions, as shown in the figure:


The cloud server’s security group also has 3030 ports open to


The firewalls iptables and seliunx inside the server are normal, as shown in figure:


I guess this problem should be the reason why your host does not have public network ip.