Docker run sh -c “”cannot read global variable.

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Start the docker container in a shell script as follows:

#!  /bin/bash
 export EXE_FILE="rdbs_cbb_test aom_cell_test" ;
 docker login -u admin -p admin123 registry:5000;
 docker run --rm \
 registry:5000/compiler/cmake-unit-test:v1.0 bash -c ' \
 #    EXE_FILE="rdbs_cbb_test aom_cell_test";  \
 IFS=" " read -r -a arr <<< "$EXE_FILE";  \
 for s in ${arr[@]};  \
 do \
 echo $s;  \
 done \

The script executed when docker run reads the value of the $EXE_FILE variable as null, and also tests the way to export the variable without using Export, but the $EXE_FILE is always null.

Can you tell me how to read the global variable in the docker run sh -c “”script?

I really appreciate it.

docker run ... bash -c ...The following command uses double quotation marks, and the content part is changed to single quotation marks.