Docker Start Container Problem Solving

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As shown above
When I execute:

docker run -i -t --rm -p 90:80 --name=localxxxx --entrypoint /data/app/run zhanqi:v1.2

When starting a container, it did not start successfully, of which /data/app/run is a shell script in my mirror image

I thought it was a problem with my script, but our nginx execution file also failed.

But I succeeded in using /bin/bash, why? I printed it out via dockerlogs localaxxxx and it is also empty.

Ask for advice

  1. Linux1024The ports within arerootUser port (Reference link), you can change 90 to a port larger than 1024. Or sudokkerrun …

  2. If 1 fails, executedocker inspect container-name, and then paste the information