Dockerstream scheduling policy problem

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Swarm’s spread and binpack scheduling strategy, when selecting nodes, does it not obtain the available memory and CPU resources of the system in real time?

I did the following tests:

1. Build a swarm cluster of three docker hosts: node-1, node-2 and node-3. Each docker host has the same configuration, with 4G memory and a 2-core CPU;.
2. Run the CPU of node-1 to full capacity (or consume memory);
3. Create 6 new containers, or will 2 containers be allocated to node-1;

Have you studied it?

After looking at some documents, I couldn’t find the reason, and then I guess it might beswarmReason for service discovery (I usedDockerHubProvided) because the scheduler filters the node information collected by service discovery.
Replace service discovery withetcdAfter that, the problem was solved.