Does docker have advantages over VM or direct local deployment environment for local development environment?

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For example, for the local development environment, the advantage I said refers to the performance consumption of the operating system, because I always think that the advantage of docker is to serve the production environment.
For local development, if the environment is not changed frequently, it is actually the same as the VM or the local environment built by directly installing services locally. From the point of view of performance consumption, the only advantage can be running different versions of services.

1. Performance consumption: No difference, but docker can easily limit the use of cpu and memory, which is an advantage

2. Use dockfile to ensure environmental consistency in development, testing and operation. This is docker’s core competitiveness. After all, it is troublesome to build a new set of environmental thieves.

3. docker is unnecessary if there is only one environment and it will not be updated for ten thousand years. .