Does the system that Docker hosts have an impact on the system selection used by the container?

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For example, my host computer uses ubuntu, so should my container also use ubuntu’s system to achieve better performance and reduce the host computer’s performance consumption?

Docker is made based on linux kernel, so when choosing the host, choose the system that supports Docker, namely:

  • Linux version 3.8 or higher.

  • Cgroups and namespaces must be available

As for the distribution version, they just install all kinds of different packages in a linux kernel. The kernel is linux.

You can understand that there is a large space (system hardware resources) that has been transformed into a foundation (Linux kernel). The host computer system has built some houses (host computer system) with a part of the area, and you drove a trailer to come and live (Docker). As long as the foundation allows (Linux kernel allows), you don’t have to worry about how the house next to you is built. Of course, if the house collapses and the electricity, water and coal are stopped (the host computer crashes), your RV will also be affected.