During the docker build process, mysql was installed and the mysql password setting part was blocked. Why is this so? What should I do?

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Unpacking libklibc (2.0.4-8ubuntu1.16.04.2) …
Selecting previously unselected package klibc-utils.
Preparing to unpack …/klibc-utils_2.0.4-8ubuntu1.16.04.2_amd64.deb …
Adding ‘diversion of /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/klibc to /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/klibc^i-t by klibc-utils’
Unpacking klibc-utils (2.0.4-8ubuntu1.16.04.2) …

While not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you set a password for the
MySQL administrative “root” user.

If this field is left blank, the password will not be changed.

New password for the MySQL “root” user: root

Then he got stuck for a long time: (
Ctrl+C All downloads and images are scrapped. Tired …

Dockerrun-namemysql-emysql _ root _ password = password -d mysql