Error in mounting volume ` /dev’ and specifying`IPC’ when starting container

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I containerized ganglia. Because I need to monitor the information of the host, I mounted the volume. See docker-compose.yml for detailed commands:

 image: ganglia
 privileged: true
 container_name: ganglia
 - /sys:/sys
 - /dev:/dev
 net: host
 ipc: host
 pid: host

rundocker-compose up -dError reporting:

adolph@geek:ganglia$ dc up -d
 Creating ganglia
 ERROR: Cannot start container bfaed04a43f32319713a86b1c833180edb520801b3e650131d331ef73410ec7e: /dev/mqueue is not mounted, but must be for --ipc=host

I hope you can help me solve this problem.

Dockerfile GitHub address

The problem has been found. In my case (ubuntu 14.04 docker 1.9.1)

ls -al /dev | grep mqueue

find/devThere is no such directory under the directory.

sudo mkdir -p /dev/mqueue

Create this directory and restart the container