Find an open source full-text search engine that supports “subfield” queries

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For example, there are multiple documents in the following formats:

 "id": 1,
 "text": "Text Supporting Full Text Retrieval",
 "items": [
 "k1": 1,
 "k2": 2,
 "k1": 3,
 "k2": 4,
 'boost': 1.1

Documents in these formats need to be added to search engines. The requirements for search engines are:

  1. Text field is a full-text field.
  2. The retrieval results can be sorted by TF-IDF value (the sorting results can preferably be related to boost field).
  3. Items can be filtered, for example, documents need to containk1Item greater than 2.

Point 3 cannot be achieved with Solr/Lucene. MongoDB cannot satisfy point 2. So my question is, are there any open source search engines that can meet the above three requirements?