How can docker be mounted to virtualBox Shared Folders?

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The host is Liunx opened by win7 using virtualBox, and then uses doc to build the service. using virtualBox enhancement, shared folders, liunx and modifications on win7 can be synchronized. but using doc to load this folder is not good? How do I get docker to load this shared folder?

 - ./wwwroot:/home/wwwroot


This folder a is mounted by virtualBox share.

Mount -t vboxsf <win7 shared folder > wwroot/a

Yes, you have provided too few screenshots, but I have also encountered the phenomenon of asynchronous code modification in Virtualbox. You can try F12 and find that there are a lot of random codes at the bottom. I have not been clear about this, so I directly changed to vmware.



What is the difference between VirtualBox and Vmware, where host hosts mount folders to virtual machines?