How do I use fields other than primary key _id for association queries?

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Now there is an article post’s model that uses cateId to associate Category. However, cateId is not _id. Causing an error in acquisition.
Can I only use _id to correlate? How do I use the non _id under Category to associate?

var PostSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
 author: { type: mongoose.Schema.Types.ObjectId},
 title: String,
 content: String,
 imgUrl: String,
 pv: { type:Number, default:0},
 like: { type:Number, default:0},
 keep:  { type:Number, default:0},
 comments: { type:Number, default:0},
 cateId: { type:Number, ref:'Category'},
 type:  Number,
 create_date: { type: Date, default: }
 versionKey: false
 var Post = mongoose.model('Post', PostSchema)

1, the populate of 1,Mongoose can only be on _id;

2, therefore, you can only write your own code for association here, first query one collection, then query another collection, and you have your own association.

For reference.

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