How do mongodb sort the two related tables?

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such as
A table stores the article status table, for example, the record status field marks that the article has been published, published successfully, published failed, etc.
Table b. Store the article data table, for example, there is a field in it: click rate.

Now I need to list the data that have been published successfully and sorted in descending order according to the click rate. What should I do?

I feel that this problem seems not to be a problem with mongodb database. We are considering whether to change other databases to support more complicated queries.

What about the anti-normal form?
MongoDB is born for horizontal expansion and high performance. Attention should be paid to avoiding using relational models to think about problems in distributed environments, because this often becomes a performance bottleneck. As far as your problem is concerned, there seems to be no reason to split the data into two tables for storage. If the data you mentioned are stored in the same document at the same time, will the problem be solved?