How does docker bind public network static ip?

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At present, I am doing a distributed micro blog crawler. Microblogs have strict restrictions on account number and ip requests. I have seven or eight public network ip’s, but there are only four servers, so the other four ip’s are wasted without use. Therefore, I thought of using a virtual machine or a docker to bind the public network ip. Because the virtual machine is too bulky and it is complicated to install a virtual machine on centos7, I decided to use docker and then run my crawler in docker. How can I get docker to bind the static ip of the public network?

It is recommended not to use docker. Configuration management is complicated and requires professional network knowledge. Here, another scheme is recommended for reference. Multiple IPv4 addresses are configured on a network card, and then each process is bound with an IP. This scheme is much simpler. How to configure multiple IP can be google/baidu, many examples.