How does docker view the labels of remote warehouses

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In useDockerWhen I thinkpullRemote warehouseCentOS 6This is how I operate

docker search centos
Results returned:

NAME                                   DESCRIPTION                                     STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
 centos                                 The official build of CentOS.                   3160      [OK]
 jdeathe/centos-ssh                     CentOS-6 6.8 x86_64 / CentOS-7 7.3.1611 x8...   61                   [OK]
 nimmis/java-centos                     This is docker images of CentOS 7 with dif...   23                   [OK]
 consol/centos-xfce-vnc                 Centos container with "headless" VNC sessi...   22                   [OK]
 gluster/gluster-centos                 Official GlusterFS Image [ CentOS-7 +  Glu...   18                   [OK]
 million12/centos-supervisor            Base CentOS-7 with supervisord launcher, h...   13                   [OK]
 torusware/speedus-centos               Always updated official CentOS docker imag...   8                    [OK]
 egyptianbman/docker-centos-nginx-php   A simple and highly configurable docker co...   6                    [OK]
 nathonfowlie/centos-jre                Latest CentOS image with the JRE pre-insta...   5                    [OK]
 centos/mariadb55-centos7                                                               4                    [OK]
 consol/sakuli-centos-xfce              Sakuli JavaScript based end-2-end testing ...   3                    [OK]
 harisekhon/centos-java                 Java on CentOS (OpenJDK, tags jre/jdk7-8)       2                    [OK]
 harisekhon/centos-scala                Scala + CentOS (OpenJDK tags 2.10-jre7 - 2...   2                    [OK]
 centos/redis                           Redis built for CentOS                          2                    [OK]
 blacklabelops/centos                   CentOS Base Image!   Built and Updates Daily!  1                    [OK]
 darksheer/centos                       Base Centos Image -- Updated hourly             1                    [OK]
 freenas/centos                         Simple CentOS Linux interactive container       1                    [OK]
 timhughes/centos                       Centos with systemd installed and running       1                    [OK]
 smartentry/centos                      centos with smartentry                          0                    [OK]
 januswel/centos                        yum update-ed CentOS image                      0                    [OK]
 termbox/centos                         CentOS                                          0                    [OK]
 otagoweb/centos                        Apache (with PHP7), built on CentOS 7           0                    [OK]
 repositoryjp/centos                    Docker Image for CentOS.                        0                    [OK]
 vcatechnology/centos                   A CentOS Image which is updated daily           0                    [OK]
 labengine/centos                       Centos image base                               0                    [OK]

docker pull centos

Then download the latest CentOS image, version 7, I want to download version 6 CentOS image, I am insearchHow can I see it when I’m intagTaking this as an example, I would like to download the officialCentOS6I think the government should provide a mirror image ofCentOS6I don’t know how to check the mirror image of

{ dir }  » docker search --help
 Usage:  docker search [OPTIONS] TERM
 Search the Docker Hub for images
 -f, --filter filter   Filter output based on conditions provided
 --help            Print usage
 --limit int       Max number of search results (default 25)
 --no-trunc        Don't truncate output

Check it outdocker searchOption for, not found withtagcorrelative

How do you solve this kind of problem?

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