How does Marathon execute a command against Application?

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Docker can execute commands on containers through docker exec.
Kubernetes can execute commands on pod through kubectl exec.
ThenMarathonHow do I execute commands on the created Application?

The specific scenario is to create a gateway for ceph rgw, and multiple s3 users need to be created according to the input, similar to the following:
docker exec myrgw radosgw-admin user check –uid=”testuser”。

Since our environment is based on Mesos+Marathon, is there any way to implement this function?

Since it is Mesos+Marathon Technology Station, I recommend you to know about itdcos.
Dcos community provides a command line tool based on Mesos/Marathon technology stackdcos-cli,GitHub link. There areExec function.

You need to install a dcos-cli, configure the mesos master url, and then check the exec related content in the following document.